Here are some of Jane’s top cleaning tips

How to clean wood floors

Wood does need a bit of love to keep it looking at its best. At least weekly sweep it or vacuum with a hard-floor attachment.

For wood that has been sealed this can be mopped, but wring the mop out really well so it is just damp as too much water can make the wood swell.

If you have unsealed floors with a waxed rather than varnished finish then use damp mop sparingly.

You can apply more wax polish to improve the colour of your wood floor, but do not do it often. Over time the wax builds up and get a bit grubby. If this happens you can strip it back and start again. A cloth dampened with white spirit will lift the old wax, wipe away any residue with crumpled old newspaper. Mop the floor, then re-apply new wax.

.Make sure you check manufacturer's instructions first and always try a test patch. If you aren’t sure whether or not the item you want to clean is suitable for cleaning make sure to take professional cleaning advice first.

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