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The term "accident" is to be defined as any unplanned event that may cause personal injury and damage to the work process.The company will provide first aid facilities to provide treatment for injuries. In the case of employees working on a client's premises arrangements have been made to use their facilities.

First Aiders will be available at's offices. In the case of employees working on a client's premises, arrangements have been made to use their appointed First Aiders.

All accidents must be recorded in the Accident Report Book. For mobile staff or those working on a client's premises, accidents should be recorded at the site where the accident occurred, or alternatively through their appropriate line manager...


The fire regulations and evacuation procedures relevant to your place of work are displayed on the notice boards on site.

Please ensure you are aware of these procedures and the marked fire exits.


A risk assessment is available for each place of work, which identifies the hazards of your work area. If these are not available for any reason, please raise this with your immediate manager. You should be made aware of the risks associated with each task you perform. Please raise this with your immediate manager if this information is not forthcoming.

Copies of the Risk Assessment can be obtained from the Health and Safety Advisor.

If having raised any issues regarding risk assessments to your manager no action is taken, please escalate your concerns to the next level of management or contact Human Resources.


It is recognised that the training has an important part to play in a Safety Programme. The company will ensure that adequate facilities are available to train all employees to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently.

No person will be required to perform any task unless he has been trained to do so.

All new employees will undergo an Induction Programme that will ensure their awareness of basic safety rules and procedures.All staff will receive refresher training in Health and Safety. Records of training will be held at the employee's place of work in the case of site staff, and at the offices of in the case of mobile staff.

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