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The company will implement fully the requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994. A comprehensive Chemical Register will be maintained by the company and will include an individual data sheet for each and every chemical and substance used.


Cables and plugs must be checked regularly. The correct procedure as instructed by the manufacturer must always be followed.Any faults to the machinery must only be actioned by a qualified engineer. Cleaning operatives must not carry out repairs to machines at any time. All faulty machines must be identified and withdrawn from use immediately. All portable electrical appliances will be PAT tested every year as outlined in the risk assessment.



  1. You must never operate any electrical equipment unless you have received full instructions in its use.
  2. You must examine all items of electrical equipment before use and report any suspected defects to you supervisor or manager before using them.
  3. All electrical equipment must have a current electrical safety label attached.
  4. All electrical equipment should be used with care. Ensure electrical sockets are switched off before the plug is inserted or removed.
  5. Plugs must not be removed by pulling the mains lead. Vacuums must not be moved by pulling the mains lead. However, pulling by the hose to move the machine IS acceptable.
  6. Plugs and cables must be checked for wear and tear and any signs of damage.
  7. All cables must be kept clear of the machines when they are in use.
  8. No electrical must be allowed to come into contact with water except where specifically designed to do so.
  9. Do not operate or handle machinery/insert or remove plugs with wet hands.
  10. Do not use or operate any machinery that appears faulty.
  11. Electrical equipment may only be repaired and services by a Smile Cleaning engineer or other authorised person.
  12. Do not leave 'Live' machinery unattended.
  13. Always disconnect machines from the power supply before changing any parts of the machinery, e.g. brushes, disks etc.
  14. Do not overload electrical sockets.
  15. Always attach a 'DO NOT USE' label or sticky tape to faulty equipment or machinery.

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